what is new turkey?

A question developed to find the motto of the "new" * Turkey: Think that a teen (18 years old) is waking up and saying to his/her mum that he/she wants to live in Turkey because Turkey is giving his/her inspiration, firing his/her passion and the freedom in Turkey is adding meaning to his/her soul. What should we change about Turkey to make him/her say that? Do you have any idea? Untalented TV shows, copy write comedies, Kebaps, tradesman who don’t have moral behaviours, young people with contradictory interests, swindler taxi drivers, fake museums, spoiled celebrities, our southern coasts, corrupt educational institutions and "Cihangir" or "Sultanahmet" will not create attraction and "self-sufficient" reasons! Well, why does a stranger or even an alien want to live in Turkey? Do you really have an answer for it? thank you. #turkiye #newturkey #yeniturkiye #turkeydream #turkeypolitics #newturkeypolitics #newturkeystrategy #yenitürkiye #turkiye #wahtisnewturkey * "new" turkey: I used this term because it is on top in Turkey nowadays. I want to emphasize that it does not consist or imply any political idea.


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